Cultural Collision

19 November 2008

We took a last good look at the Ackerstra├če. After more than a month of Bohemian living, it had served it’s part in our story, and was now only a place to be emptied of memories. As we were walking across this street, with our mattress held proud over their heads as a symbol of our new quest for habitation, fate decided to play a little trick on us: we were suddenly confronted with a ghost from our very short mutual past. Masha, a Russian adventurer who provided us with the space to meet in Moskva was walking right through our unremarkable street. Can it be a coincidence to meet the start of our relation while literally moving to the next chapter? Hard to tell, but it was great to catch up on her travels over a friendly glass of wine. She hitchhiked back to her own story at 11pm, with only 8 hours before check-in closes at Dusseldorf airport.

But there are also opportunities for new stories, as we are developing a close-knit group of recent arrivals. Some are working on the same job, some are living or looking for apartments together, and especially all are celebrating the good things in life. The last headcount had Canada, US, the Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Germany, Denmark, Russia, Sweden and Poland. Everyone in one kitchen in Berlin, the biggest refugee camp in Europe.

So, the master plan now is 2 weeks of travelling and surfing, and then on to the new job and new apartment. Berlin 2.0!

The careful reason will notice that the hosting process can start again from the 1st of December.