18 March 2009

[insert usual excuses here]

So, a lot has happened since the last time I synchronized with my personal pseudo facebook.

I managed to get someone to back up my claims on the richness of Belgian food, I mean culture. My good friend C joined me and the (extended) family for Christmas. I won’t speak for him, you can read about his experience for yourself (EDIT: dead link). Here he is in one of the typical government worker water holes (aka “kneipe” in German) in Leuven

C in a more representative setting :

Going back home was really nice. It frustrates me that it’s not the same as really returning (obviously), it felt more like a teaser of what it’s like to live with the people you have know for very long. It’s also funny to see that some things never change. I’ve been thinking more and more that it doesn’t make too much sense to live a whole plane ride away, it would be much nicer if I could just hitch over for the weekend instead of planning months ahead (more on that later). Maybe Holland, if I can keep the accent. Maybe north of France, I would love to practice my French more (my German still sucks). Maybe Saarbrucke, but I’ve heard it’s a shithole. Travelling for a longer time is of course a different case altogether…

I also moved to a new, only 300 meters away from the previous pad. Not bad, considering I have already gone back there 5 times in vain attempts to get my deposit back. It’s deja vu all over again. Anyway, I’m totally stoked about the place. My fellow housemates include Canada, Denmark, Romania, double French, Hungary, Germany and of course the lovely Catalunia. We also host a whole lot of travellers in our perpetually surfable living room, so there is no reason not to come!

Work is good, I’ve reached the state where my screen doesn’t look totally black anymore. I’m getting more and more sure that this thing will end by December. The whole team is a bit depressed with the choice of license, but at least I am very well catered for with a skilled technical director, and about 4 other graphics programmers to annoy. More later, I have to be punktlicht with my lunchbreak.

PS I’m back from 145 till 175, so prepare…