Snow in May

22 May 2009

Back in Berlin, back to 16 degrees constant sunshine, and a pollen storm. Back to wonderful Danish bread, guests that specialize in speed-rubiks cube solving, and the delicate art of almond raisin chicken.

Unfortunately, also back to the usual dissatisfactions and anxieties. I’ve loved working at ***, but I somehow can’t seem to have enthusiasm from 9 till 5 anymore, without some motivation from other people. Difficult to do in a solitary job like this, but I find it harder and harder to keep passionate myself if it’s only for the greater good. At least it get’s me thinking about the future again, and I hope I can rub this future thinking off to the lovely T. I’m just wondering around what latitude my plan turns out to be. Rent is horrible in Holland, maybe the time is right to practice my French in the wild, and to find an Arabic tandem partner?

Arabic is only one language if you consider it to be Standard Arabic, “the most eloquent Arabic language”, a version evolved from the Arabic used in the Qur’an. It’s also the written language of all people who speak a language of the arabic school of languages. As one Quebecois explained me, learning it bring you to the situation that 280 million people are able to understand what you say, but you can probably understand only 2 million of them. As I like to listen more than to speak, maybe I should reconsider. Or start chatting on facebook, god forbid.