June, it can never end too soon

22 June 2009

Since the 30 days that have passed since my last post (does it still count a more than once a month?),  I’ve haven’t been able to get my mind off of possible escape scenarios. Dramatics thoughts maybe, but I’ve found my old arm problems, and a lack of motivation have had an effect on my old productivity that can only be described with obscentities. Therefore, I’ve asked to take unpaid leave for a month around June. The plan would be to work on a ide project from home for a while, and see if my enthousiasm returns. In exchange, I would just work one month longer than promised, and  I think I wouldn’t mind an extra month in this city.  I’m fucked if it’s the same when I go back though, as I feel obligated to stay, and need the money for further plans.

I also managed to hitchhiked to southern Jutland to visit a friend. He showed us around the pigfarm, and told the stories of his parents. His father is farmer in a line of more than 3 generations on the same farm. He speaks en.wikipedia.org/wiki/South_Jutlandic, the Limburgish of Denmark. His mother, who’s father was a fisherman on the Faroer Islands.  Of course she speaks Faroese.

The farm in all it’s glory