Over the hump...

22 July 2009

… or here’s hoping Berlin is going to get colder weather, or nicer weather. I hate air conditioning, it makes my body and brani feel worse than sweating profusely.

I hate the fact that people can’t just get along. Maybe this is related to most work is done discussing the politics and particulars of the work, that the actual work itself. This is the staple of software development. I wish I could just come home and do whatever I think is needed. Sometimes I feel trying to get consensus is a great way to make nobody happy.

I hate the fact that I’m expected to have opinion on topics I don’t know about.

I hate facebook, and the fact nobody seems to care it’s treating their users as shit. Last week, it was found out facebook uses picture of their users to promote a dating site, what the fuck. Apparently, you can change this:

-> Settings -> Privacy -> News Feed and Wall -> Facebook Ads -> Appearance in Facebook Ads and click ‘no one.’”