1 August 2009

Yesterday, I got claustrophobic in the subway, so I decided to just get out and walk home. The area I got off is right in the middle of Berlin’s Ellis Island, called Wedding. It’s one of the poorest area’s in Berlin, with about half the people belonging to an immigrant community. It’s also the area I wanted to live in when I heard about it. It seemed logical, I was fresh out of the boat. So, as soon as I started walking, I expected the usual collection of gambling dens, vegetable stores and baklava haunts. Instead, I found myself in nice, green areas all along the river Spree. And after about an hour, walking through only green areas, with little Turkish children playing, and babushka’s talking, I felt like this was the place I belonged. And not the place I entered two hours later, the dreaded, expensive, gentrified Prenzlauer Berg.

I wish I was member of a Greek family. I would just contribute half my pay and eat in the family restaurant every night.

Anyway, today is 365 days since I first kissed T.