5 September 2009

So, in the biggest news for now: I quit my job.

I’ve felt unenthusiastic about it for months, and maybe even worse, unproductive and unattached to the work I was doing. While I contemplated taking a sabbatical month for a while,¬† I felt it would be an unsustainable solution in any case, and I felt I was up for something new. In any case, I won’t be getting up at 7.30 from 24 op September onwards.

So, I’m pretty much faced with another choice in my path of life, and plenty of time to think about it. Possibilities include: * Contractor* Open source developer* Doctoral student* Something that is not so damaging for my eyes and backAthos island. Make no mistake about it, I will go there before I die.

So one way the cards for this one could fall: me and T pass by Belgium, she leaves to New York while I stay there, and then we hook up in Barcelona. Afterwards, we go to some crazy country I have prejudices about. Which is pretty much the same story I told on my very first post. Maybe just in reverse.

EDIT: wow, I’ve been complaining about motivation for over 100 days, according to this blog. Sounds like I did the right¬† thing.