29 September 2009

Went to Stockholm for a couple of days.

Spend 3 days in a community in the middle of protected green area. An old hospital for TBC patients has been converted to 30 appartments, with over a 100 people living there. They’re only allowed to be there because their toilets use no water. People from all over the world come by busloads to see this. They make money by giving a tour of the place. Highlights were the sauna, forest, horseback riding and boar on the open fire. The community has pretty much te same problems as ours, but the symptoms are different, it plays out differently. The leve of commitment has nothing to do with age, experience, or time living in the place. The most interesting for me was the experience of being a guest in a place like this/that. My first reaction was amazement. I started projecting my expectations (talking to everyone). This led to a confrontation that had nothing to do with me ( I made a situation change for a stressed person), which ended with me feeling very insulted. Other people there overcompensated by making us feel extremely appreciated and welcome., and giving us friendship shirts. All in 24 hours.

The city itself looked superficially like Prague with more water. I think it’s too expensive to be worth it. If you really want to go to Sweden, I suggest you look to the north or the south. Or to Norway.

Sweden has 9 million rocks on the coast. That’s enough for every Swede to be alone and look at the reflection of the sun.

Every single country is full of friendly people, but being friendly means something different in every country.