Polish express - autoroute vers le soleil

8 October 2009

I started my official ¨vacation¨ (read: unemployment) by dropping T off in Barcelona for her flight to NY. By thumbing it.

Original plan was to go through the Elzas, stay there for the night, and make in to Barcelona the next day.

The result:

*** The Dutch

  • One guy I talked to close to Braunschweig said he would ask his wife if he could take us. One minute later he was speeding away. Guess the answer was not too friendly.* I asked another Dutch man close to Utrecht if he would take us to the border. After negotiation with his wife, he apologized to us that they didn’t want to socialize and wanted to listen to some music. 5 minutes later, he came to look for me and ask edme why  I wasn’t getting into his car. Apparently, I misunderstood, and after a smooth ride with Roxette he took a 10 minute detour to drop me off at the station of Rosendaal.*** The Congolese …“explained” me about Christian Evengalism during 2 hours. I learned that the relationship between a MAN and ONE WOMAN is very special, and stronger and more natural than all the other alternatives. Unfortunately, he had been recently seperated from his wife.

*** The Polish BE : Are you going south towards Frankfurt? PL : No BE : Where are you going? PL : Amsterdam BE : Mmmm. Want to take us? PL : Sure ………. 550 kilometers later BE : Why did you take us? PL : Because you asked

So all went well. It’s 27 degrees here in Barcelona, and tomorrow I’m hitching to Marseille.