The Honeypot

8 November 2009

Finally made it home after some extensive travelling. I will blog more about the actual trip, right now I’m preparing to leave to Greece the 10th. I’m also very happy P, a very close Russian friend, arrived in Berlin. We have now met in 4 capitals: Prague, Paris, Berlin and Ulan Baatar. I’ve hitchhiked over 5000 km in one month. I had no internet for 9 days, and it’s funny it’s mentionable. My plans for the future are still as vague as ever.

Meeting old friends and random friendly people has showed me many possible ways of living, and the relevance of choices. I think I don’t want a standard full time job. I want to travel, and learn languages. I want my job and location to be decoupled. I want to spend more time in Berlin. Berlin is still great, as ever. Maybe I’m stuck here, in this city and these responsibilities. I want to start things, but some people say it seems more like I am running away.

I feel like I’m avoiding any responsibility until I come back into a stable environment. I was never able to do anything I was passionate about for only part of my time. When I learned graphics or when I met Tau, I always had difficulty doing anything else that was not necessary. I hope I can find the next passion to sink my teeth in.

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