Serendipity (aka 60 second conversation)

27 December 2009

As soon as he saw her, he knew. And half a minute later, when he first heard that voice, there was no more doubt in his mind. Just as there was no doubt about the identity of the person facing away from him. Although it was a shock, the instantaneous recognition enabled him to continue his conversation without missing a beat. And so it seem she did, so the only thing he could still wonder was if she was wondering. It had been 2 years after all…

When she got up to order at the bar, he did likewise. They kept looking forward to the array of cheap liquor, rather than to each other.

“So, how is Holland ?” “I never went there. I’ve lived in Germany for all this time with a girl I met travelling. The last time you called me I was in Moscow, and I met her there.” “I still think about you a lot.” “Do you have kids now ?” “No, he’s not too keen.” “Do you want to meet ?” “I’ll let you know, but I have to go now”

The difference between fiction and reality is that in reality, nothing really ends.