NY, pt 2

12 January 2010

This issa Brooklyn bound A Express, next stop Fulton, Franklin here, transfer to G, 1 2 3 downtown.

  • How much do I get here for two thousand euros?* Twenny too hunnerd* What? Rate’s more or less 2 to 3. I would expect it to be close to 3 thousand than to 2.* Look, I canno give u more than twenny fai hunnerd. And that’s only only a deel wenya take it right NOW.* Come on, Chase down at Bedford¬† and Rockaway gives me 2786. I’m sure you can try.* Well sir, we aint Chase. You have a good dai na, bye bye.At B&H, NYC’s mekka of consumer photography and video, 6 people ask me if I need assistance. I keep wondering if I look like I need some. When I arrive at the department, I actually have to talk to a shop assistance to be able to hold the physical camera in my hands. I buy it. I don’t get the camera. I get a voucher. The camera is put in a big green tub, the tub is placed on a huge conveyor belt that runs through the whole shop, and my precious new toy is transported somewhere in the bowels of this vast shopping factory. I go to the cashier, who are segregated according to cash or credit payment.¬† A machine informs me when a booth is free, relieving me from the bothersome task of paying attention. After paying, I get a voucher to once again get line for pick-up, wait for the mechanical voice to tall me which person to talk to, and finally I get the damn thing. Ford would be proud. It wouldn’t be so bad, if the exact same process woudln’t be repeated the next day, when I bought my insurance. A green tub to transport a piece of paper. Cash line. Pickup. Only in America. Half the employees in the store are Jewish, and it’s hard to not notice.

The clerks at the huge apple streets on 8th Av are idiots, just because they can afford to be.

Central park is a special place without the foliage of the trees. It feel rather desolate, and it’s difficult to keep the illusion of nature, as the skyline is visible at all times. But it’s mighty impressive just how far the skyline is. Central park is enormous. It also seems well though-out with many small hamlets, slowly rolling hills and variety. This is probably the only reason you should not visit NYC in January.

Soon: Brooklyn Bridge