NY, pt 7 (found objects)

13 February 2010

MOST Serene, Serene, most Puissant, Puissant, High, Illustrious, Noble, Honourable, Venerable, wise and prudent, Lords, Emperors, Kings, Republics, Princes, Dukes, Earls, Barons, Lords, Burgomasters, Schepens, Counselors, as also Judges, Officers, Justiciaries and Regents of all the good cities and places, whether Ecclisiastical or Secular, who shall see the patents, or hear them read. We make known, that the master of                         appearing before us, has declared upon oath, that the vessel, called the                 of the burthen of about                    tons, which be at present navigates, is of the United States of America, and that no subjects of the present belligerent powers have any part or portion therein, directly nor indirectly, so may God Almighty help him. And, as we wish to se the said master prosper in his lawful affairs, our prayer is, to all the before mentioned, and to each of them seperatly, where the said master shall arrive, with his vessel and cargo, that they may please to recieve the said master with goodness, and to treat him in a becoming matter, permitting him, upon the usual tolls and expenses, in passing and repassing, to pass, navigate, and frequent the ports, passes and territories, to the end of transact his business, where, and in what manner he shall judge proper : Whereof we shall be willingly indebted.

James Madison Letter of safe passage for the brig Prudence

the Museum’s collection ranks among the most important collections of the arts of the Islamic world in the United States

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