Sweden, again

13 April 2010

Desipite my earlier resolution to never return to Sweden, here I am. This time I’m visiting friends in Malmo and Lund. Lund is more or less like Leuven, 100000 people, 30000 students and a very liberal bike policy. Malmo is the more gritty and industrial of the two, and I like it more. Check out the report from CBNNews if you want a completly wrong impression of the place.  American news, in an attempt to prove that becoming for European means a step closer to hell, claims that police here are afraid to go into the immigrant neighbourhoods, for fear of violence. You’d think they were covering the banlieu.  Seeing as the main mosque of Malmo has been burned down twice in 10 years, I claim it’s actually the Swedes that are the problem in this town. If you believe the news reports, you would think this place is the new Palermo. Understandable, as the top immigrant groups from outside of Europe are Iranians and Iraqis. And we all now what that means. In reality, it’s the only place in Sweden I don’t feel I could get arrested at any moment.

I should remember to go South, but one can’t force their friends to move.