The book of Rob

6 August 2010

Dear congregation. I stand here in front of you today to tell you a story. The story of a man that lost something. Something very dear and precious to him. And that man had to lose it, just to find out how precious it actually was. It’s a story about belief, belief and care for the things we value the most. Belief in the Lord, and a belief in Vespa.

This is the story of Rob. Rob was a honest man. Rob was a hard working man. But Rob was not a god fearing man. Rob, ladies and gentle man, had lost his faith in God a long time ago. So, on the birthday of his youngest son, God decided to test Rob by taking away his most prized possession: his Vespa. And this was no ordinary Vespa people! Oh no! This Vespa was brand new. Only 141 miles on the dial. 141 miles! That’s not even enough for him to go to any of his brothers and sisters, and back! Just plain disappeared, ladies and gentleman.

Rob was distraught. He was brought to rock bottom, as he saw his hard work had led to nothing. He did not work for God! And he could not talk God either. So Rob talked to the place. He talked to his sons and daughter. He talked to his brothers and sisters. He talked to his uncles and aunts. He talked to stranger on the internet. Talk? Talk is not strong enough people. Rob lamented.

The day before his birthday, Rob had come to his darkest hour. At the low point of his despair. And it was because of this that he was visited by his sister. A kind hearted, god fearing woman. And she tried to console him. Make him feel good. Make him feel, that this was not permanent. That he could get God back on his side. To be a player on his divine team. So she looked at her brother. Looked him right in the eye. And she said “I will talk to God”. She told him, that if he could no talk to God, she could talk to God on his behalf. And not only her! Also his 2 aunt’s, who had lived long enough to see the influence God has on all of our lives. And they would talk to God on his behalf that very night, so God could feel himself that Rob had come as far as he could. And, ladies and gentleman, God listened. God listened to these kind woman. God understood his plan had worked. God understood it was time to make things right. So the very next day, yes, not even 24 hours later, God send out one of his agent. God send out a policeman, a servant man, to Rob’s door. On his birthday! And this servant showed Rob exactly what he was missing. The Vespa was delivered to him, not half a kilometre from his door. That’s very close ladies and gentleman, that’s not even 10 minutes walking. And in this way, God showed Rob that he was also close, and that he could easily reach out if he just BELIEVED. So, go home now, and carry this story close to your heart. No matter how hard you may grieve, no matter how high your bills stack, no matter how hard it may seem to find a job, or find a partner, no matter how insurmountable your problems may seem, the solution might be very close. Maybe just as close as a simple talk with God.