Nesfe Jahan pt 1

15 August 2010

3 days of windsurfing in Holland. Tons of Germans, and tons of blisters on my hands. I didn’t manage to surf more than a minute straight, but I had a great time nonetheless. There is always something very appealing about new things, at least for me. I love trying thing I haven’t done before, much more than I like to get better at them. This is probably not good iin the long term, but at least I know what makes me happy.

After that a slightly discombobulated hitch to Berlin. I’ll spare you the details, but it involves beer at 11 am, an obsessive compulsive truck driver, a very laid back and comfortable 350 km ride, and of course polish people.

And then home again, or at least one of them.  Berlin in summer, rainy and cloudy. Most of my time here is spendtwith friends, it doesn’t have anything to do with the city. Apart from the fact that it’s semi-on-my way.

I’m not sure how to document this trip yet. I think it will definitely pick up once I have more time alone and can spend more time thinking about it. We’ll see. After Berlin, Prague, but no idea about dates or further destinations.