Nesfe Jahan, pt 9

2 September 2010

Ain’t got no time to take the fast train.

I arrive to Tivat at four in the morning. I made the classical mistake of thinking I could catch some sleep on the bus. And then I push myself hard to arrive to my destination around 10 o’clock. I’m figuring out that I’m not that strong, but stubborn as hell. This place has no highways, but no sidewalks either. But these are not the important things.

The important things is that I’m now staying in Bigova, or, more precisely, the bay of Bigova, about 10 minutes of rowing. Don’t try and look up Bigova on Wikipedia or Goole maps, it’s too small to register on the radar. Find it here.

The rich life, in every meaning of the word. I’m hosted by Elena and Eddie, and joined by their cat “Bedbug”. A short swim to wake up from a rocking sleep. A cigarette. Then a coffee. A cigarette again. Some contemplation of going to shore for the afternoon, 10 minutes by rowboat. No internet. No electricity, as the engine is broken. Only a little bit of leaking. I’d read, but I read my book, and all the others are in Russian.

Today a quick trip to Kotor, tiny fortified town build vertical beyond belief. Tomorrow, the long, slow road to the country that some may call Macedonia, and other call the home of name-thieving bastards.