Nesfe Jahan, pt 14

11 September 2010

Xanthi city festival. A great opener on the main stage, we crawl onto a fence and enjoy an eclectic mix of traditional and contemporary Greek music. A white bell tower on the background, and even further some houses build on an impossibly steep hill.  Random gusts of wind help blow away the sweat and dust. An hour later we’re listening to juvenile rock provided by “the Skooligans”. They’re playing Skape, and a bunch of other styles I missed due to the blues. At first, my friend Panos and me feel out of place, but in about 5 minutes we’re dancing like lunatics. Life is always better when you don’t give a shit about how you look.

Travelling can be quite random, you just have to take whatever comes to you and make the best of it. But in the end, it’s just one damn thing after another.

Bonus points if you know where I lifted that quote from.