Nesfe Jahan, pt 26

11 October 2010

Just some quick updates until I have more time for something more meaty. Since I left Capadoccia, I’ve been in Adana, as well as wandering around the Western part of the border between Syria and Turkey. 32 degrees and scorching. I’m mostly coming back to Adana as I’m very comfortably hosted by a fellow hitchhikster from Slovenia, Simona. She’s a turkophile, and I’m starting to understand that’s not the worst thing that can happen to someone. But today I learned I’m a step further to get my visa to Iran, and I have to go to Erzurum ASAP. Another 1000km away. But I’l stop by Nemrut to climb a mountain.

Left, Simona. Right, Gosha. Middle, Halil the ridiculously generous truck driver.