Nesfe Jahan, pt 64

29 November 2010

The observant readers amongst you might have noticed I don’t write any names in full anymore, nor do I post a lot of pictures of people close to me. The reason for this is, despite my many discourses defending anonymity on the internet, I kind of made a booboo when I switched my blog to this space. ¬†While this is absolutely no problem for me now, it might become a problem if I want to get a visa for this country again. And, at any moment, it potentially could become a problem for the people I know here. There are many stories I have still have to tell. And it all may seem paranoid, but in an environment like here, it pays to err on the side of caution.

Someone here thought it was a good idea to post publicly a list of a hundred bloggers who were critical of some aspects of this country. With full names. With the intention of making that list shorter.

In any case, fixing my blog is high priority for me once I get back home.