Nesfe Jahan, pt 66

5 December 2010

Tehran, still. I’m starting to love my hate for this place. My excuse this time is a duo of bike bums, friends of friends when I figured out they were close, but now friends. Crazy enough to bike Chalus-Tehran.

At a certain point, some weeks ago, I figured things were stable. That I’ve had all the types of experiences I could have had. Comfortable with road trips, new cities, inter-cultural communication and collisions. The fear of dying when crossing the road. But that was premature. Things continue to change, sometimes unrelentingly.

In Esfehan, I visited Lotfollah mosque six times. A beautiful structure, probably the most beautiful man-made things since I set out. I get waved in after the first time, no need for a ticket. The seventh time, it changed again, but that’s a story for another day.

PS I post little, but I write a lot. When I want to post things I wrote before, they seem irrelevant, out of the current perspective. So I prefer not to post those, as it would give a false idea about how things are nice. The gist of it, is that I’ve made more friends here in Tehran than the entire trip before that, and now I’m mostly spending time with them. But I will go on one more trip before I go back home, probably to the East, Kurdestan and Lorestan. I take a flight home the 23d.  I could go 250 euros cheaper by spending 5 days on a train, but being here longer is worth the money.