Nesfe Jahan, pt 72

19 December 2010

Why I’m only paying what we agreed on? Well, first of all, you had to come from out of Shiraz, so it doesn’t matter where you picked me up from. Likewise, I know the place you’re going to drop me off is just as far as the bus station, and I’m sure you can find a fare here, as it’s the tourist center. I don’t agree with you that you had to wait a long time, I know you go to Persepolis all the time with tourists, and most of them stay longer than I did. And the worst part is, that you let your three year old son stand on the passenger seat in front, despite my repeated instructions to make him sit down and wear a seatbelt. That’s completely¬†irresponsible¬†and stupid shit, way beyond even Iranian standards. So that’s why I’m not giving you more money.

Contrary to common belief, taxi drivers are not human beings. They’re a special form of shark,s carefully evolved to look just like us. If you look closely, you will see that they lack any form of humanity.