Oh, BTW, this is actually important

24 February 2012

For everyone who has a GMail account (or some other Google service, but for the majority of you this will be GMail.

Please visit www.google.com/history and enter your password. Also, best to do it now, don’t procrastinate.

What you should see is a list of every single search you’ve done for a good couple of years, tied directly to you email account, hence also your full name. Probably best to delete this entire thing, as well as to kindly request G to stop tracking you in the future. Note the request here, as Google is and will always be an advertising company, and as much as I like Don Draper, I would never trust him with my wife.

You could also consider using the unfortunately named DuckDuckGo for all your searches. It’s not open source yet, but it claims to be the most protective about your privacy of all the search engines.

Also don’t forget your ISP is probably required by the police to log all your internet traffic of the past x months, but there’s nothing much you can do about that than use something like Tor.

What’s really interesting is that the technology to have completely secure email and browsing is already free and ubiquitous, but nobody really uses it.