Out there

12 January 2017

I’m sorta committed to put something out there every day, for the entirety of 2017. No particular reason why, I stole it from someone on twitter. But it seemed like a good idea. Weirdly enough, forcing yourself to put something out often forces you to create something within. And I’m happy to say, not only am I already behind more days then I’ve completed, I’ve already counted low effort quote tweets as “one thing put out there”. I’m also cheekily counting this one! I probably will start repeating stories I’ve told before as well, so just file those under “greatest hits”.

The important thing I wanted to say is, I am resurrecting this blog, but it will probably look a quite a bit different then before. I’m expecting to start posting a lot of varied thought on video games, music, programming, and other random thoughts that I wouldn’t find it’s way here before. I’ve thought about putting it another place (eg medium.com), but I’m not a fan of “cloud services” -at all-, and I’m dead certain this is better in the longer run.

So I hope you enjoy it!