What is the mechanism of making friends?

14 January 2017

I still don’t know how people decide do make friend. I’ve seen seen the obvious. I’ve met good friends sharing hobbies and interests. I’ve met good friends sharing ambitions. I’ve met good friend out of necessity. I’ve met friends by elimination. And, above all, I’ve met people by drawing a line through the sand, and finding ourselves on the same side of it. And I mean this as the reason to form the friendship, not to maintain it. That is a topic for another time.

When I look at my friends, there are so many reasons why we came at this point. I once made a friend, because we both liked to put strange things in our mouth and call it food. I once made a friend because we both thought people were taking themselves too serious, and we would have liked to put a small hat on their head. I made a friend, because we were bored, and being friend would make it less so. I made a friend, because the universe is fundamentally unfair, and it owes us. I made a friend a friend, because we were all alone in the desert, and what else are you going to do? I made a friend, because she was a free spirit, and I wanted to do all I could to keep her flying all around. I made a friend because it would be easier to make fun of my sister. I made a friend because we weren’t.

My friends are an eclectic, random bunch of people. They adhere 3 religions, and one non-religion, 5 continents, too many nationalities, all the binary/non-binary/non/fluid genders. Some of them are weird to most of them. Some of them would be downright hostile to others. A couple of them are free-market liberals. A couple don’t believe in soap. Some of them believe in communism. Others believe in capitalist-libertarianism.

I love each and every one of them