Relative perceptive

21 January 2017

As we saw before, colour can be hard to call out. The colour was a dark version of “plum jam”. I only figured this out by comparing the image with the Pantone catalogue. Because, once you start to look into it, colour is a total confusion. The colour I gave you for my hoodie doesn’t look like the colour I see right now. This is due to the environment lighting, and probably due to a lot of factors between my eyeball and my brain. For you, it’s worse, as we’ll have to account for the difference in monitors. What is emitted by my monitor is certainly different then what is emitted by your monitor. There are a lot of reasons for that.

A major one is calibration. Some shops will increase the contrast and saturation of their displays to punch up the visual “impact” of their demo units. This carries over to the units they ship. Your TV is very likely not configured to show colour as intended, but it is configured to show a lot of vibrancy and contrast. That sells.

There are other reasons as well. But that is to be continued…