3 June 2017

As you might have noticed, the last handful of posts have had a strange fraction at the bottom of each post. But, more importantly, there hasn’t been a new one in about 4 months. And this site looks uncannily different now. Both are related.

When the year started, I committed myself to posting a post every day, all year. This was inspired by someone who does it every day, and someone on twitter from who I’ve stolen the idea of sequencing on the post, as well as the name “dailies”. Dailies is a cinema term, as every day, the director and a bunch of other seniors (eg cinematographer, producer,…) will have a look at the footage shot the previous day. While I hope to produce something every day, this blog has always been a thinly veiled excuse to enable me to talk about myself. So consider this a textual version of the dailies of any Woody Allen film.

Hilariously, I’m behind more than 100 posts, having done only twenty. That’s about the approval rating of the sitting president. There’s a pretty easy explanation for this: as most of you know, my greatest skill in life is procrastination. I’m incredibly dedicated to cultivating this skill. I thoroughly enjoy it as well. It’s often brought me in trouble, but I’m sure that, more often, it has kept me from needless toil. The most efficient work is the one not done. But I digress. My subconscious decided that the best way to hit my dailies, was to procrastinate actually doing them. And my subconscious definitely rose to the occasion. I didn’t merely put off writing my posts, and falling behind on my quota. That would make me feel guilt. Every day. Not enough to do it. But enough to make it a negative experience. That would be a decent procrastination strategy, but I’m a professional. In order to procrastinate guilt-free, I decided that such a venture required a new website. Built from scratch, just to add to the workload. It was perfect. The only niggle was the fact that I thoroughly hate building websites. But having to do a thing you hate is a fair price to pay to pay for being able to put off working on a thing you love, right???

Watch this space.