Pro Forma

4 June 2017

The problem with doing “dailies”, is the risk of rushing through some content, without iterating/critiquing enough. And that defeats the whole point. Some posts ago I mentioned “deliberate practice”. Deliberate means you scrutinize your learning process while practicing. The difference is huge. In ordinary practice, you’re literally just practicing your craft. Want to run better? Run more often. You just do more of it. In deliberate practice, you might identify bad ingrained habits, dogmatic beliefs, knowledge outside the domains you’re already familiar with. In a sense, developing a higher level of understanding of where you’re at, and where you want to go. Going hiking in order to run faster. Caveat is that you know where to go. Is there the inverse? Practicing randomly, not knowing where it will go? Could we call it “improvisational learning”? That sound like a lot more fun!