22 June 2017

Totally out of character, but I’m member of a dating site called Tastebuds.fm. Nobody uses it for dating. It’s mostly a place to shout into the void. But it does have one amazing, unique feature, and you should join just for that.

Tastebuds.fm allows you to find the the one user that matches you the best. Which is huge. This is the person, out of tens of thousands of others, matches your music taste the best. If you’re like me, your musical taste aligns a lot with your soul.

Turns out my musical soulmate is a wonderful 22 year old Columbian. Huh. As sappy as it sounds, we’ve established a common level of sappiness. Especially around Tindersticks, Nick Cave, and Mississippi Delta blues. We’ve really dialed in a very specific frequency of melancholy, a kind of music that’s hard to appreciate without being empathic about it.

It’s actually really nice to see the Internet connecting people this well, considering how terrible it can be in the day to day.