You thought we'd forget

29 June 2017

Have you watched the TV show “The Wire”? You really should if you haven’t, but it’s not the time for me to convince you of that fact. There’s a beautiful, tragic character that accidentally is directly responsible for the death of his best friend. He immediately confesses his crime to the police. He even tries to commit suicide right there and then, in the police station. The policeman in charge releases him right there and then. Something to the effect of “The memory alone is punishment enough”.

On the other hand, the ancient Eghyptians had an entirely different way to punish unpopular pharaos. They would literally erase him from history, with hammer and chisel if need be. This is the approach advocated in relation to the current president, even in the current digital age where such a feat would be Sisyphusian.

Dear reader, which one are you most afraid of?