That's nuts

17 January 2018

I’m living in Sweden now,
and that’s nuts.

I’ve been here for 3 months,
life is good,
work, which was my primary motivator to move, great,
and that’s nuts

Yesterday I walked in the dark
at 4 pm
slipped on the snow and hurt my ass
hoping to assemble my ikea bed
in time to sleep in it
and wake at
8 am
at when it’s dark

and that’s nuts

My feelings about all of this fall on two sides. I’m incredibly lucky to have found this job, and, more recently, a good group of people to live with. Stockholm is good place to live according to every metric. There is also some baggage that I didn’t manage to shake off back home, but being in a new place is very conductive to reframing it in my head. On the other hand, typical expat bullshit. Not knowing basic stuff, where to get stuff, what paperwork to do, etc. Loneliness. Which I’m fine with, but it takes time and effort (apparently a lot here) to fix with. More then the times before, I miss my friends and family.

I guess I live in Sweden now?
And that’s pretty nuts